The Foundation functions as the coalition brainpower of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the 36 states where it is active. The coalition members comprise other CSOs, the media, corporate organizations in the private sector, government agencies, particularly the National Orientation Agency (NOA), which provides a platform to reach the community and grassroots.


HERFON is particularly strong in the field of advocacy. Its prowess lies in its access to key decision and policy makers in every sphere of the health sector.

Capacity building

Since the birthing of HERFON in 2004, the Foundation has continued in its efforts to identify and enlist the cooperation and commitment of key influencers and administrators as well as empower them to become catalysts for change in the health sector. HERFON has also formed partnerships with local and international organizations with the aim of providing attitudinal reorientation and strengthening the capacity of Nigeria’s health workforce to deliver optimally.

Evidence Generation

The Foundation’s advocacy efforts have been supported by a strong evidence generation and utilization that includes the periodic production of Nigeria Health Review (NHR); a document which provides credible and critical snapshots of the Nigerian health system. In strong support for evidence generation, the Foundation regularly churns out policy briefs that explain viable options and key recommendations required to institutionalize key health reforms. The Foundation also produces information, education and communication (IEC) materials and scorecards that rate the performance of primary healthcare systems in all states of the federation.

About Us



Prime advocate for better Health for all Nigerians



To be the leading Non-Governmental Organization informing and influencing Health Partnership, Advocacy, Capacity Building , Evidence generation and use



To contribute to improved health outcomes for all Nigerians especially the poor and vulnerable To promote and support health sector reform at all levels with focus on primary Health Care (PHC)


To develop a critical mass of like-minded, determined and principled men and women who are committed to change in the Nigerian health sector

To actively advocate for reforms using the health sector as an entry point for overall national reform and development fox

To contribute to efforts geared towards mobilization of resources needed to support the health sector reform process in Nigeria fox

To establish links with professional Groups associated with health in order to facilitate and advocate reform

To create a forum for sustained interaction among Change agents

To monitor the reform process and health performance with a view to ensuring realization of desired goals

To generate evidences necessary to influence health sector reform efforts in Nigeria

To serve as an ombudsman and Observatory for the Nigerian Health Sector Reform and to publish annual review.

To serve as an independent monitor, reference resource and clearing house for health reform in Nigeria.

Projects completed
Lives Changed

Our Board of Trustees

Dr Celestine Okorie

Executive Secretary, HERFON


Chairman Board of Trustees , HERFON

Consultant Pediatrician with special interest in Tropical Pediatrics, and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology


Member of Governing Board, HERFON

Zonal Advisor NWZ – Health Reform Foundation
Chairman Kaduna Maternal Accountability Mechanism (KADMAM)
Member of Coalition of CSOs on Maternal & Child Health.


Member of Governing Board, HERFON

Hon. Commissioner for Health Obstetrician/Gynaecologists Public Health Scientist


Country Representative, Champions for Change (C4C). Advocacy & Health Communication Expert Community Mobilizer Facilitator & Coalition Builder Member, Board of Trustees, HERFON


Public Health Expert Deputy Country Director, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Former Director, PHC, Yobe State


Executive Secretary, Abia State Primary Health Care Development Agency Medical Doctor- MBBS Public Health Specialist Former National Advisory Committee Member, HERFON Change Agent/Manager Community Mobilizer


Pediatrician – Special Skills: Child Health, Planning & Management




  • Nutrition
  • Routine Immunisation
  • Family Planning (FP)
  • Childhood Killer Diseases


Advocacy for Primary Health Care Reforms

  • Engage interest from political leaders
  • Implementation of the PHCUOR
  • Reshape health reforms at national and sub national levels
  • Increase in the number of policies and guidelines on PHC reform


Strengthening Advocacy & Civic Engagement

  • Mentorship
  • Capacity building
  • Increase engagement
  • Alliance Building
  • Innovation and Experimentation


Program for Appropriate Technology in Health

    has been described as one of the most cost-effective public health interventions, has generally been on the decline in Nigeria with the North West, North East and North Central zones where Nasarawa State is located, being the most affected.


Support to the National Malaria Programme

    HERFON currently leads the advocacy efforts focused on incremental budgetary allocation or creation of budgetline for malaria control activities, implementation of State malaria action plan

Health Policy Action Fund

    The aim of the fund is to support health organizations, networks and coalitions in third world countries to become more effectively engaged in national health policy processes, as well as contribute to the effectiveness of development cooperation and hold partners accountable for their commitments


Collaboration with Public Service Institute of Nigeria

    The Foundation signed an MOU on collaborating with Public Institute of Nigeria (PSIN) for capacity building in human resources for health. The terms of the collaboration have been captured in the signed MOU between HERFON/PSIN.


Saving One Million Lives — Program for Result

    This is a World Bank US$500Million credit to the FMoH to support states to improve Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and Population using a result-based financing model. HERFON was represented in all the Zonal meeting with a presentation on “The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Implementation” and also developed a concept note with specific work streams

Latest News

Healthcare funding: Stakeholders seek better accountability framework

May, 2022

Stakeholders in the health sector have advocated for a better accountability framework in order to guarantee better health care financing across the country.

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Edo moves to domesticate National Health Act

Oct, 2022

The State Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) has organized a workshop for stakeholders and influencers towards the implementation of the Act.

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HERFON presents an award to the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa

Oct , 2022

Presentation of an award by HERFON to His Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State

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SOSG Urged To Domesticate Nation Health Act

Oct, 2022

The need for full implementation and domestication of Nation THealth Act 2014 in Sokoto State has been advocated.

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Advocacy visit for the domestication of the NHAct

Oct, 2022

HERFON visited the PS/Head of Service, Ministry of Health, Sokoto State on the domestication of the National Health Act (NHAct)

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