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“HERFON is an incredible nonprofit organization that is addressing poor health Indices and working towards improving them.”.

The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) is Nigeria’s leading non-governmental and non-profit organization in the Nigerian health sector. In 2001, HERFON began as a Change Agents Program (CAP) initiated by DFID in collaboration with the Department of Planning, Research and Statistics of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) to help develop the capacity of select Nigerians, including staff of FMOH, to initiate and sustain country-led health reforms. The program also ensured that skilled and well-positioned Change Agents actively developed and defined agendas for health sector reform (HSR) and policy development in Nigeria. Upon project closure in 2004, the foundation was formed by a group of reform minded Nigerians who came together in response to the deplorable health system and health status of Nigerians. The foundation aims to support and to help sustain Health Reform Agenda In the country. In the last two decades, HERFON has achieved admirable feats, including carrying out advocacy for better health outcomes, strengthening capacity of stakeholders for health reforms, forming partnerships with other stakeholders in the health sector and supporting evidence generation to inform policy designs and health planning in Nigeria. HERFON, whose members include influential individuals in various positions of authority and groups from various disciplines in the public and private sectors across the country, led Nigeria into designing and signing into law the National Health Act (NHA) in 2014.


To develop a critical mass of like-minded, determined and principled individuals who are committed to change in the Nigerian health sector..


To actively advocate for reforms using the health sector as an entry point for overall national reform and development.


To monitor the reform process and health performance with a view to ensuring realization of desired goals


To generate evidences necessary to influence health sector reform efforts in Nigeria

Our Mission

To be the leading Non-Governmental Organization informing and influencing Health Partnership, Advocacy, Capacity Building, Evidence generation and Use..

Our Vission

Prime advocate for better Health for all Nigerians.


179 million infants in the least developed countries are not protected from diseases by routine immunization.


Almost 200 million children under the age of 5 in developing regions are underweight for their age

Let’s Stop Child Mortality

Nigerian is second in the world in Infant and Maternal Mortality. 2.7 million newborns worldwide die within their first month of life .

Global Poverty

Almost 3 billion people lack access to toilets and almost 1 billion lack access to clean drinking water “The poorest 20% of the world’s children are twice as likely as the richest 20% to be stunted by poor nutrition and to die before their 5th birthday.”.




We meet with Nigerian leaders secure support for crucial health-improving legislation.


We mobilize people across Nigeria behind efforts to make Health a political priority


We teach basic advocacy skills that allow citizens to communicate with the government.


We build awareness of global Health issues and innovations in improving Health outcomes through our online and community presence.


Completed and ongoing Projects.

Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health (PACFaH) SOML Save One million Life Program Other Programs



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